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Solar Panels


PRINTOMO & our production partners at Paper Strategies Inc, recognize the need to be a driving force for environmental awareness by pushing sustainability in all aspects of our printing processes. Our companies are consistently creating innovative ways to maximize print efficiency, utilize eco friendly papers and ink, and to pursue available green printing options.

In 2018 PSI, installed a state-of-the-art solar array to generate our own electricity. With this installation, PRINTOMO & PSI can generate up to 100% of its daily need for power. We are proud to be using innovative technologies to make our facility as green as possible.

Our short-run, digital printing service for example is an important part of our green initiative because short-run printing allows for reduced waste by eliminating project minimums. We believe that in our digitized environment, each print job should be carefully considered with the aim of producing a valued piece with as little waste as possible.

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